Archives - 2016.

"D" litter was born - 2016.12.27.

"C" litter was born - 2016.12.23.

"E" litter - estimated DoB: early January!

"D" litter - estimated DoB: around New Year's Eve!

"C" litter - estimated DoB: around X-Mas!

Királyerdei-Bársony Xo (Pedro): Hungária Junior Champion, HJCH!

CACIB Dog Show, Kecskemét

We participated in a CAC Dog Show at Szolnok on 1st Oct. 2016. Our Pedro proved again how should behave and win at a dog show. :)
Received titles:

Királyerdei-Bársony Xo /Pedro/: HPJ, BOB (Junior Class)

CACIB Dog Show, Kecskemét

CACIB Dog Show was held at Kecskemét, on 16-17th, September 2016.
Received titles:

Királyerdei-Bársony Xo /Pedro/: 2x HPJ, Best Junior (Junior Class)
Királyerdei-Bársony Olivia: 2x CAC, 2x Res. CACIB (Intermediate Class)

CAC National DogShow, Kiskunfélegyháza!

On 21st, August 2016 we travelled to Kiskunfélegyháza to compete for titles at the CAC National DogShow. Here are the results! :)

Királyerdei Bársony Xo /Pedro/
Junior class: HPJ, BOS

Királyerdei Bársony Olivia
Intermediate class: CAC

Special CAC & Balaton Cup, Clubexhibition at Gödöllő!

We and our lovely Dogs, named Olivia and Pedro took part in an exhibition at Gödöllő, called Special CAC & Balaton Cup, Clubexhibition, 09.07.2016. We are very happy to announce that we achieve these trophies! :)

Királyerdei-Bársony Olivia

Királyerdei-Bársony XO (Pedro)
HPJ, Excellent 1

Fehova Winter Dog Show Budapest!

Fehova Winter Dog Show was held on 18-21. February, 2016 at Budapest where our Olivia managed to win great titles in the Intermediate class.

2016. 02. 19. CAC Intermediate class - CACIB
2016. 02. 20. CAC Intermediate class - Res. CACIB
2016. 02. 21. CAC Intermediate class - Res. CACIB

We brought Pedro with us only as a spectator but apart from this he was a very patient dog during the whole exhibition. :)

New family member arrived!

We get a fantastic boy, called Királyerdei-Bársony Xo (Pedro)!
Phenomenon, beautiful and tough boy!

Many thanks to Pappné Kati!

The puppies were born! #B litter

We are pleased to announce that on 16th Nov, 2015. Lencsi gave birth to seven wonderful puppies!

For further details and pictures please click on the Puppies section.


The next litter is expected in middle November, 2015!

Mother: Királyerdei Bársony Lencsi
Father: Huan Míquel Cubanese Biely Luc

CAC Dog Show SZEGED, Hungary - 2015. 10. 18.

We took part in a CAC Dog Show at Szeged with our Olivia, she achieved Res. CAC title .

CAC Dog Show KECSKEMÉT, Hungary - 2015. 09. 16. 

We took part in a CAC Dog Show at Kecskemét with our Olivia, she achieved Res. CAC title .